An initiative for the people, of the people, for the Nation!

is this initiative?
60 Minutes Desh Ke Naam is my initiative to make this world a better place. I request every citizen to take out 60 minutes every week to do something for the nation. The initiative is an attempt to encourage people to take ownership of our country and contribute productively towards the growth of the nation.
this initiative?
We spend our time on phones, traveling and a million other things but we hardly get the time for our nation. Being a philanthropist, I want to take my passion for change to every nook and corner of India. I strongly believe that when people unite, they can move mountains.
can you become
a part of this
All you have to do is dedicate 60 minutes every week for the nation. This can be done alone or with your friends/family members/team.

It could be for any noble cause like:
• Spending time with people in old age home to add happiness in their life
• Contributing to the environment
• Contributing to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
• Helping the underprivileged
• Help manage traffic in your area
• Helping fellow citizens during flooding
• Imparting education
• Distributing food to the needy
• Any other activity which you think can help in the betterment of the society

Use the hashtag #60MinutesDeshKeNaam on social media to tell us about how you spent your 60 minutes for the nation.
Remember... If every Mumbaikar/ Indian citizen dedicates 60 minutes of his/her/their time to the nation, they can bring massive change to the world they live in. So what are you waiting for? Get started and don’t forget to spread the word!