About - Mohit Bharatiya

Mohit Bharatiya is an Indian politician and an entrepreneur on a single-minded mission to address the most burning issue of this generation, discrimination. He’s the General Secretary of BJP Mumbai, ex-president of BJYM Mumbai and the founder of Proud Bharatiya Foundation.

Hailing from Varanasi, he had witnessed bias and discrimination, first-hand. He is drawn to politics because it helps him combine his desire to serve people with the power to bring a change.

Having joined politics at the young age of 29, he has learned about the issues that affect people at ground level and has sought innovative solutions to the problems.

Mohit Bharatiya - AREAS OF EXPERTISE

Shri. Bharatiya’s key areas of expertise are Politics, Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship. Entering the world of politics has empowered him and given him a unique perspective of the problems that plague our country. Being in a leadership position at BJYM has helped him understand the nuances of politics. He strongly believes that compassion is the most important quality that a human being needs to have and he tries to cultivate it in his personality and life. His philanthropy work revolves around: Youth Empowerment, Education for All, Access to Healthcare and Women Empowerment. Besides being a politician, he is the Ex President of Indian Bullion and Jewellers Association (IBJA).

Mohit Bharatiya -VISION

Imagine a world where there is no discrimination based on caste, creed, religion and other factors. Imagine a world where we are judged by our merit and nothing else. This is the vision that drives Shri. Bharatiya and inspires him to give his 100% to his job.

In January 2019, he changed his name from Mohit Kamboj to Mohit Bharatiya to kickstart a movement that encourages people to rise above caste, creed, religion and other factors that divide us.

Shri. Bharatiya believes that the most ground-breaking ideas are those that stem from questions. If we ask any human being whether he/she/they have ever faced any kind of discrimination in his/her/their life, the answer will be affirmative. This question and this answer are the seeds behind his vision.


Shri. Mohit Bharatiya calls himself a “realistic dreamer”. Putting a full-stop to discrimination is not an easy task as rigid mindsets are hard to change. To tackle this complex problem, he has started the Proud Bharatiya Foundation with a mission to unite people who are facing biasness in some form or the other.


Shri. Bharatiya is passionate about socio-political issues that affect the ordinary citizens of India. Over the years, he has learned that discrimination is a burning issue that has an impact on Indians across the country. When he realized how deep-rooted and complex the problem is, he became passionate about changing mindsets. He believes that everything that goes on in our lives has its roots in our mindset and getting to the root of any problem is the only way we can find a long-term solution.

He has been a keen observer of legends and great leaders who have shaped our society with their clutter-breaking ideas and their courage to challenge the regressive social norms.


  1. Born on 30th April, in Amritsar

    Mohit Bharatiya was born in 1984, in the city of the Golden Temple, Amritsar. Though he only stayed there for 2 years, he is still very much connected to his birth place.

  2. Shifted to Varanasi

    Two years after his birth in Amritsar, his family moved to the holy city. His spirituality and values were at large shaped by this holy land.

  3. Schooling in Varanasi - (1989 to 2002)

    As a student, Mohit Bharatiya was a curious student who was always interested in exploring new avenues.

  4. Moved to Mumbai

    On 4th July 2002, Mohit Bharatiya arrived in the city of Dreams – Mumbai, to fulfill his ambitions.

  5. Started Business

    Soon after working at a 9 to 5 job, he started a trading business in Zaveri Bazaar.

  6. Joined IBJA

    Became an ardent member of IBJA, and began working towards its growth.

  7. Got married to Mrs. Aksha Kamboj

    Throughout his career and life, Aksha has been a pillar of support for Mohit Bharatiya. The couple share similar outlook towards life and society.

  8. Birth of Daughter

    They were blessed with a baby girl, and named her Mishka.

  9. Birth of Son

    2 years later, in 2012, their son Avyaan joined the family.

  10. IBJA National President

    Mohit Bharatiya was made the National President of IBJA in 2012 which gave him the responsibility of bringing flair to the business and sketching the best version of the future.

  11. Joined BJP

    With an ambition to work for the nation and a desire to make a difference, Mohit Bharatiya joined BJP in 2013 and marked the beginning of his political career.

  12. Vice President of BJP Mumbai

    Looking at his passion and commitment towards work, the party assigned him additional responsibilities by making him the Vice President of BJP Mumbai region.

  13. President, Uttar Bharatiya Morcha BJP, Mumbai

  14. Candidate - Maharashtra Assembly Elections

    Contested assembly elections as a Bharatiya Janta Party candidate from Dindoshi (Mumbai) but unfortunately lost.

  15. BJYM Mumbai President

    Appointed BJYM Mumbai President in 2016. As a president, he has introduced and implemented many new initiatives for the party and has tirelessly worked to achieve the party’s vision since then.

  16. Proud Bharatiya Foundation

    India is a land of diversity but somewhere it is because of this diversity that we all have divided ourselves on the basis of caste, creed and religion and hence stood a dire need for someone to take a stand and do something about it. So, Mohit Bharatiya, took it on himself, he first changed his name to Mohit Bharatiya from Mohit Kamboj, as he believes we should be Indian first and launched Proud Bharatiya Foundation, which would motivate people to be one with the nation and would encourage them to move beyond Jaativaad, Prantvaad and Bhashavaad. The foundation is also working towards providing education to the underprivileged kids, in this mission it has already taken the responsibility of 35 kids whose education will be completely sponsored by the foundation.

  17. On 16th August, 2019, Mohit ended his tenure at BJYM Mumbai and began a new journey as the General Secretary of BJP Mumbai.