An initiative for the people, of the people, for the Nation!

We spend our time on phones, traveling and a million other things but we hardly get the time for our nation. Being a philanthropist, Mohit Bharatiya wants to take the passion for change to every nook and corner of India. He believes that when people unite, they can move mountains.

Ek Desh Ek Pahchan By Mohit Bharatiya

Ek Desh Ek Pahchan is a movement by Mohit Bharatiya for unifying our diverse and multi-ethnic nation with a singular identity for all as Proud Bharatiya.

The initiative voices out to curb the regional indifferences and be united as Indians which is call of the hour now. Also, the movement is envisioned to extend support to the underprivileged in whatever way possible and take up the mantle of responsibility of giving back to the society.

Individuals from any path of life or from any profession can join us as volunteers and lend a helping hand towards betterment of the society at large.

1050 Days

This book is an attempt to understand the strength of the association as a whole. ‘1050 Days BBA to IBJA’ is a book about the journey of the association to reach beyond the vision of it’s founder. Read more


This video sends a stern message to everyone who has been against our nation and shows the strength of our bond with each other.